Prescription Drug Savings

Prescription drug savings cards. Do they work? Why not just use my Medicare drug plan for everything? Can I use a prescription drug coupon and my Part D card at the same time? What kind of prescription drug discount can I expect? Where can I get a drug discount card that really saves me money?

prescription drug savings

Prescription drug plans are the most confusing part of Medicare. Trying to find the lowest cost for your medications can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. We can help but you will need to do your part as well.


Prescription Drug Savings

Saving money on your medications is a journey. Some might even call it an adventure.

Oh sure. The easiest thing to do is fill every prescription with your Medicare drug plan. But there is a price to pay for taking the easy road. You have to work at this every time your doctor changes your prescription or gives you a new one.


Medicare Supplement Rates

Most people take the easy route to buying a Medigap plan.

And most people pay too much for their coverage. They buy the plan recommended by their friends. Or they pick a plan based on name recognition. All the doctors accept Blue Cross, or Mutual of Omaha.

If your doctor takes Medicare they will also accept your supplement plan offered by Manhattan, New Era and GTL.

The difference in plans from a recognized brand and a Medigap plan from a not-so-familiar face is the money you save.

Same coverage. Same level of service. Lower price.

Who doesn’t like to save money?

Give us a call. We will  quote a rate over the phone. Or you can start with a FREE INSTANT GA Medigap quote. Compare plans side by side. But don’t stop there. We have rates on over 170 different plans you won’t see anywhere else.



Prescription Drug Coupons

Do drug coupons really work? Can I use them in addition to my Medicare drug plan?

Yes they do, and no you can’t.

Let me tell you about my experience. I needed a new prescription to refill a skin creme that is used a few times a year when my psoriasis flares up. A small tube will last me about 18 months.

My doctor called in the prescription to my pharmacy. Having filled this before over the years I knew the medication was never more than $20. Imagine my surprise when the druggist said I owed $92!

How could it be so much? Did you use my Medicare drug plan?

“Yes, but your plan doesn’t pay much towards the cost of your medication.”

I left without filling the prescription.

Back home I looked up the drug on my formulary and sure enough, my cost was $92. Looking further I found that a prescription drug plan from a different carrier had a much lower price of $7 for the creme. Their premium was $8 more than my current plan and it was the middle of the year so no way to change plans.

Since this is the only medication I take I saw no reason to pay an extra $100 per year in premiums to save $85 on a medication I only fill every 18 months.

Checking prices on GoodRx showed that I could get the medication for $27 at a different drug store 2 miles away by using  a discount coupon. You cannot use the coupon and your Medicare drug plan but why bother when you can pay cash, use the prescription drug discount coupon, and get the medication for about a third of the cost using Medicare Part D?


Maximize Savings When Using Medicare Part D

If you want to save money when using Medicare PDP (prescription drug plan) you have to take charge.

  • Compare Part D plans every year by using the Medicare Drug Plan Finder
  • Print a copy of your report and save it for next year
  • Circle your Drug List ID and Password Date – You will need that in the future
  • Follow the link on your report and print out a copy of your monthly drug cost chart
  • Save a copy of the report
  • Check the accuracy of the copay’s for each drug on the carrier site against your Medicare report
  • Look for lower pricing on your most expensive drugs at Canadian pharmacy’s and GoodRx
  • If you use CVS, compare prices against Target. Especially when using GoodRx

If you don’t take charge of your prescription drug costs no one will do it for you. You can shop and compare prices on your computer, tablet or smartphone.


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