How Much is Mutual of Omaha Medigap Plan F?

Mutual of Omaha is one of the leading Medigap carriers in Georgia. And Medicare supplement plan F is the most popular. But should you buy plan F?  Are there better choices? Should you buy it from Mutual of Omaha? What are the advantages of buying from a well known carrier like Mutual of Omaha? Are there any disadvantages?

Mutual of Omaha


Mutual of Omaha, a leading Medigap carrier in Georgia

Mutual of Omaha is a large company with a lot of name recognition. Most people our age remember Wild Kingdom, sponsored by Mutual of Omaha and hosted by Marlin Perkins.

Some would say you can’t go wrong with Mutual of Omaha. But do you really get more when you pay more, or are you simply paying too much?

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Should you buy Medigap plan F?

If you ask your friends which Medicare supplement plan they have, almost without exception they will say plan F.

Plan F is easy to explain, easy to understand.

Medicare supplement plan F pays 100% of all approved Medicare Part A and Part B expenses, including any excess charges.

Pretty simple, huh?

The Mutual of Omaha plan F is identical in every way to plan F from Blue Cross, Humana, Aetna and any other carrier.

Identical in every way except price.

Did you know that any doctor that accepts Medicare will also accept any Medicare supplement plan, regardless of which carrier issues your coverage?

If all Medigap plan F’s are identical in every way except price, and every doctor takes your Medigap plan, is there any reason to pay more?


Are there better choices?


Medicare supplement plan F is the most popular and the most expensive. Most Georgia seniors are better off with plan G or plan N, but no one ever explains the plan differences.

And they never learn how much they can save by switching to a plan other than plan F.


Does Mutual of Omaha offer any advantages?

They have a nice newsletter.


Does Mutual of Omaha offer any disadvantages?

Depending on your age, zip code and plan selection you can probably save money with a different carrier.

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