Men Have Breasts Too

Medicare, like men, is fascinated with breasts. Or so it would seem.  men have breasts too

Evidently the government seems to believe that a woman’s breasts are more important than her uterus, Fallopian tubes and ovaries. Medicare will pay for a pap test only every two years. Yet it will pay for a mammogram every year. Just who gets to make that policy decision?

Augusta Chronicle

And there you go.

It’s a legitimate question. Why does  D.C. get to make decisions about your breasts, or any other body part?

Having cancer of the uterus or ovaries is extremely serious because that disease usually is not diagnosed early. So they make us wait every two years?

Actually, women (or men) can have their breasts or any other body part examined anytime they want.

But don’t expect Medicare to pay for it.

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