What Does Medicare Supplement Plan F Cover?

Medicare supplement plan F. What does it cover? Is plan F worth the cost? Are other Medigap plans better? How much does Medigap plan F cost?


What does Medicare supplement plan F cover?

Medigap plan F and Medicare supplement plan F is simply two different names for the same thing. Much like Kleenex and tissue, Medigap and Medicare supplement are interchangeable terms.

Medigap plan F GeorgiaPlan F is the most comprehensive of all the Medicare supplement plans and the easiest to explain.

It is also the most oversold plan, the most expensive one, and often is presented as your only (or best) choice for one simple reason.

The agent talking up plan F is paid more for selling you plan F than any other Medigap plan.

The plan works like this.

When you see the doctor, have a lab test, X-ray, MRI or any other outpatient procedure your medical provider files your claim with Medicare. Once approved, the claim is sent by Medicare to your Medicare supplement carrier for payment.

When Medicare approves your claim your supplement carrier is required by law to honor that claim and pay it in a timely basis.

With plan F, all approved Medicare Part A and Part B claims are paid at 100% by your supplement carrier. Medigap plan F pays your Part A hospital deductible, Part B outpatient deductible, and any coinsurance.

You have $0 out of pocket for approved Medicare Part A and Part B charges. How simple is that?

The plan is so easy to explain which makes it popular with lazy agents that are more interested in their bank account than yours.

Bob Vineyard at Medicare plans of Georgia always starts by explaining how plan F works in relationship to your Medicare coverage. Building on this base of understanding, he then explains other options that usually deliver better value.

He also understands this is your plan and your money. You should be satisfied with your choice, regardless of which plan you pick.


Is plan F worth the extra cost?

In most cases the answer is no. Most people will find better value in a different plan. It is not unusual for you to save $300 – $500 or more per year by picking a different plan.

You may not think saving an extra $25 to $40 a month is much but it adds up. As Will Rogers said about Washington, “A million here, a million there. Before you know it you are talking about real money”.

We can show you how to save real money by making wise choices in your Medicare supplement coverage, Part D and other areas.


Are other Medigap plans better?

Better is relative. What you think is better may not be better for someone else.

When I talk to Medicare beneficiaries in Georgia, almost without exception they tell me all their friends have Medicare supplement plan F and that is what they want.

Most seasoned citizens that I know live on a fixed income. They need to watch every penny. It doesn’t matter if they have saved and have a nice nest egg or they are living from one Social Security check to the next.

Bob will show you how to get the most VALUE for your dollars by picking the right Medigap plan that fits your needs and budget.


How much does Medigap plan F cost?

The simple answer is, more than any of the other plans. Medigap carriers charge more for plan F than for the other plans because they have to pay more when you have a claim.

At some ages and in some zip codes, the premium difference in plan F and some of the other plans is so slight it just makes good sense to go with plan F.

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