Prescription Drug Savings

Looking for prescription drug savings? Medicare Part D isn’t enough? Considering a discount prescription drug card? What is Medicare Extra Help? Should you order from Canada? Do I qualify for a drug assistance program? Guaranteed savings all year long.prescription drug savings


Prescription Drug Savings

What do you do when Medicare Part D isn’t enough? Are you sure you picked the right prescription drug plan? Did you use the Medicare Plan Finder?

After consulting with over 1,000 Georgia Medicare beneficiaries we found that the most misunderstood part of Medicare was Part D. Very few really understand how their prescription drug plan works.

Here are a few tips.

  • Make a list of all your medications
  • Include the exact name, dosage, how often you refill and refill amount
  • Go to the Medicare prescription drug plan finder
  • Enter your zip code, then select the choices that apply to you (Step 1 of 4)
  • Enter your first drug
  • Write down your Drug List ID and Password Date
  • When your list is complete select your pharmacy
  • Sort results by . . .
  • Most will sort by lowest annual retail cost
  • Compare your cost at retail vs. mail order
  • Avoid any prescription drug plans with less than 3 stars
  • Make sure all your drugs are included in the plan formulary
  • Take advantage of the MTM (Medication Therapy Management) program
  • Compare formulary drug costs with pricing through retail savings offers and Canadian pharmacy’s

If you take a number of medications, and/or if one or more of your drugs are expensive, the evaluation process can take half an hour or more.

Medicare Plans of Georgia is not compensated for evaluating and suggesting a prescription drug plan. This is a FREE SERVICE for our Medigap clients. Your drug plan is not a “set it and forget it” process. you need to do it every year during the annual enrollment period.

How do you become a client?

Start with a GA Medigap quote. Use this free tool to compare rates from up to 40 different Georgia Medicare supplement carriers.

prescription drug consultThat is just a start. The real fun begins with a follow up no obligation 10 minute phone consult. We ask about your current plan, how often you use medical services, your budget and make recommendations.

You can see about 40 plans online through our free quoting tool. We have access to over 170 plans offline and can point you to the best overall value that fits your needs and budget.

Most of the time we can show you how to save $300 – $500 (or more) vs. your current Medigap plan choice. Add in your prescription drug savings and you can easily save over $1000.


Ken’s Story

Ken was turning 65 in a few months and he called me for advice on his Medigap coverage. The year prior when his wife turned 65 we had many long conversations about Medicare in general, how the system works, and ways to save money.

Ken is not poor. In fact he has done well by most standards over the years but like everyone else, is looking to save money.

A dollar saved is a dollar earned.

He already knew he wanted Medicare supplement plan G. The savings over plan F was significant enough that he knew plan F was wasteful spending.

He only took a few medications and had looked at Part D plans on his own. He was planning on signing up for a $40 plan until we discussed his particular needs.

The plan Ken picked on his own included his 3 relatively low cost medications as well as his one prescription drug that was $180 a month.

After getting his list of medications and reviewing them at the Plan Finder I made a suggestion to Ken.

By including the high priced drug in his drug plan he would hit the doughnut hole in the 7th month. For the rest of the year his total drug costs would rise.

I suggested a plan that did not include the expensive medication. Instead of buying through his prescription drug plan he should consider ordering that drug through a Canadian pharmacy. The cost of that one drug dropped from $180 for a 30 day supply to $210 for a 90 day supply.

In addition, by dropping that drug from his formulary he could buy a $12 Part D drug plan and save even more money. By following our suggestions Ken saved over $1700 a year.

How much can you save?

You won’t know until we talk.

Medicare Extra Help

If you qualify for Extra Help, you probably been enrolled. Georgia seniors that qualify based on income are usually automatically enrolled in Extra Help at the same time you enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B.

You may also qualify for help in paying your Medicare Part B premium through the Medicare Savings Program.


Other Ways to Save on Prescription Drugs

Several pharmacy’s have savings programs, low cost and even FREE prescription drugs. You can also find numerous “free” drug savings cards online.

My advice on most drug savings cards? Don’t take the bait. Most of the time they will cost you money. Your Momma said there is not such thing as a free lunch and she was right.  Rx advice

Here are some legitimate ways to find prescription drug savings.

  • K-Mart – 3 month supply of participating generics for $15
  • Kroger –  $4 select generics for a 30 day supply, $10 for 90 days
  • Publix – 14 day supply of participatin antibiotics for FREE
  • Target – $4 select generics and $10 for 90 day supply
  • WalMart – $4 select generics for a 30 day supply, $10 for 90 days

Need even more help?

PAP’s (Patient Assistance Programs) are helpful if you qualify based on your income. In some cases you may be able to get your medications for free or a very low cost.

  • Needy Meds – Prescription assistance and a real drug discount card
  • PPARx – Your resource for low cost and free prescription drugs
  • Rx Hope – A helping hand for those who cannot afford their medications

Need help paying your medical bills? Help is on the way through LEGITIMATE resources. You may qualify as a recipient or even choose to become a donor.

  • Needy Meds has a crowd funding source of funds called HealFundr
  • The Assistance Fund is another resource for those faced with large medical bills


Ordering from Canada

No doubt there are many sources and ads for Canadian pharmacy’s. Some are legitimate. Sadly, some are not.

I have been in the health insurance business since 1975 and will never recommend a plan or a resource that I don’t believe in.

My wife uses a very expensive medication for severe dry eye. A 30 day supply at retail is $240. We order a 90 day supply from a Canadian pharmacy for $320 saving us over $1600 a year.


Additional Resources for Saving Money

Money is tight for everyone, especially those on a fixed income.

One of the best ways to save on prescription drugs is by using generics. This FDA website offers you a directory of lower cost drug substitutes and generics.


Telehealth 24 Hour Phone Consult

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Fresh Benies comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. You can cancel at any time. Two different plans to fit your needs and budget. Click the button at the right and begin saving money.


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Medicare Plans of Georgia want to help you find prescription drug savings as well as your Medigap coverage and other medical services.