Medicare Drug Costs

Medicare drug cost money saving ideas. Your Part D plans have copay’s, coinsurance, deductibles, formularies, preferred pharmacy’s and more. Kaiser Foundation states that 45% of Medicare beneficiaries cannot afford their prescription drugs. Clever use of coupons and mail order can put dollars back in your pocket where they belong. Current Medigap clients of Georgia Medicare can scroll […]

Prescription Drug Savings

Prescription drug savings cards. Do they work? Why not just use my Medicare drug plan for everything? Can I use a prescription drug coupon and my Part D card at the same time? What kind of prescription drug discount can I expect? Where can I get a drug discount card that really saves me money? […]

Medicare Open Enrollment Checklist 2016

Medicare open enrollment for 2016 starts on October 15th. Can I change plans? Do I have to answer health questions, or can I be turned down for coverage? What is the best plan for me? What is the best way to review my options? The only thing more confusing than turning 65 and enrolling in Medicare […]

Saying Farewell With Dignity

Betsy Davis has ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) and is dying. Don't cry. She is hosting a farewell party like no other. The 41 year old California artist will be taking advantage of California's doctor assisted suicide law. An #ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) automatically qualifies you for Medicare coverage.  People with Lou Gehrig's disease automatically get […]

Men Have Breasts Too

Medicare, like men, is fascinated with breasts. Or so it would seem.   Evidently the government seems to believe that a woman’s breasts are more important than her uterus, Fallopian tubes and ovaries. Medicare will pay for a pap test only every two years. Yet it will pay for a mammogram every year. Just who […]

Medicare and Home Depot

What do Medicare plans have in common with Home Depot? I know, you are probably thinking not much. But you will be surprised at how similar Medicare plans are to Home Depot.     Medicare Plans and Home Depot The first time I walked into Home Depot I was overwhelmed. I am not much of […]