Medicare Drug Costs

Medicare drug cost money saving ideas. Your Part D plans have copay’s, coinsurance, deductibles, formularies, preferred pharmacy’s and more. Kaiser Foundation states that 45% of Medicare beneficiaries cannot afford their prescription drugs.

Clever use of coupons and mail order can put dollars back in your pocket where they belong.

Current Medigap clients of Georgia Medicare can scroll to the bottom.

Medicare Drug Costs



Medicare Drug Costs – Tame Rising Prices

Georgia Medicare Plans wants to help you save money. Here is the short version to saving hundreds or thousands of dollars each year on your Medicare drug costs.

  • First, use the Medicare Drug Plan Finder
  • Then, create a Personalized Search or General Search
  • Next, enter each drug
  • Be sure to record your Drug List ID and Password Date
  • Then, select your pharmacy’s
  • Review plans in your area
  • Check the Estimated Drug Copay’s
  • Don’t forget to compare your Medicare drug plan copay’s with prices from GoodRx
  • Compare prices with Blue Sky Drugs
  • Every time you review your drug plan, or get a new prescription, COMPARE PRICES before filling the prescription

You can do all of the above yourself. If you have a relatively short list of medications you can complete the task in 30 minutes or less. An extensive drug list will take longer.

We have a more detailed explanation at Georgia Medicare Plans – Medicare Drug Plan Finder.


If You Are a Current Medigap Client  . . .

We have always made ourselves available to review your drug plans when requested. As our client base has grown to over 400 we have less time to address your needs and questions, especially during the Medicare annual election period.

We have set aside one week during open enrollment to review Medicare drug plans and make recommendations for the new year. Beginning on November 1 and going through the 7th of November we will make time to review options and suggest plans. We will also show you how to save money using GoodRx and Canadian pharmacy’s when the situation calls for it.

Here is what I need from you so I can help you navigate the drug plan maze.

  • Use the Medicare Drug Plan Finder to enter your medications
  • Follow the steps in this post to navigate the site
  • Trust me, it is not as complicated as it may seem
  • Next, enter your drugs and select your pharmacy
  • Email me your Drug List ID and Password Date

This last step is most important.

When I have your zip code and county along with your Drug List ID and Password Date I can review plans without having to key in each medication.  This saves me time so I can focus on finding ways to save you money with your prescription drugs.

Before the end of October, email the following information.

  • Your zip code AND county
  • Your Drug List ID AND Password Date

I will do my best to complete your review and get it back to you by November 7th. You have until December 7th to change Medicare drug plans if you wish.

Please email any questions. Phone calls are constant during the day. Emails can be answered late at night or early morning.


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