When Can I Switch My Medicare Supplement Plan?

I have a Medicare supplement plan. When can I switch to another plan? How do I switch my Medigap plan? Can I switch from Medicare Advantage to Medicare supplement? Can I switch from Medigap to Medicare Advantage?


When Can I Switch My Medicare Supplement Plan?

You can switch from one Medicare supplement plan to another any time you wish. There is no open enrollment for Medigap Can I switch my Medicare supplement planplans. If you feel you are paying too much for your Medicare plan, shop and compare your rates with other carriers that offer the same plan.

If you have Medicare supplement plan F and feel you are being overcharged (and you probably are) ask us to help you shop and compare. Medigap plan F is the most popular plan in Georgia, but it is often oversold and overpriced.

You might be surprised at how much you can save.

In Georgia you are allowed to change your Medicare supplement plan at any time. If you want to switch plans after your initial enrollment period you may have to prove you are insurable.

Unless you are in a GUARANTEED ISSUE period, or within your INITIAL ENROLLMENT PERIOD, Medigap carriers are allowed to ask health questions before approving your new coverage. Satisfying their evidence of insurability is not difficult if you are in relatively good health.

Most people can qualify to upgrade their plan or move to another carrier to save money. In general, if you can answer “no” to the following questions you are probably in position to switch your Medicare supplement plan. In the last 2 years have you been diagnosed or treated for any of the following.

  • ALS, Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinsons?
  • Have you had a major organ transplant (not including cornea)?
  • Are you being treated for kidney failure?
  • Leukemia, internal cancer or melanoma?
  • Heart attack, heart disease, COPD?.
  • Have you had stents or bypass surgery?
  • Stroke or TIA?
  • Complications of diabetes?

The above list is representative of conditions that may prevent you from switching your Medicare supplement plan. Feel free to call and discuss your situation before changing plans.


How do I switch my Medigap plan?

Medicare Plans of Georgia is always available for a free phone consultation and review of your options. Bob Vineyard has many years of experience in the health insurance business and understands your time is valuable. We can usually determine in 5 minutes or less if you can qualify for new coverage or not.

Changing plans is reasonably simple and easy. We have one carrier that will take your information by phone and let you know before you hang up if you are approved or not. That’s about a 20 minute process.

Others require a paper application and can take anywhere from 2 – 3 days to 3 weeks to make a determination.

Once I know your health history and medications I can usually tell you in 5 minutes or less if you have a good chance of qualifying for new new coverage.


Can I switch from Medicare Advantage to Medicare supplement?

You can change from an Advantage plan to a Medicare supplement plan at any time, but the best time to change is during the Advantage AEP (annual enrollment period) or before February 14th of the following year.

There are no open enrollment periods for Medicare supplement plans but you should time your switch to coincide with AEP or the Medicare disenrollment period.

Similarly, you can change from a Medigap plan to an Advantage plan, but only during your Medicare Annual Enrollment Period.

It is much easier to change from one Medicare supplement plan to another supplement plan. Shop and compare plans now.

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